Steve Sheinkin

Today we will be talking with one of the most celebrated writers of non-fiction writers for kids and young adults writing today – Steve Sheinkin. In “Bomb: The Race to Build – and Steel – the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon” he takes the reader into the high stakes games that were played around the development of the atomic bomb.

In “The Port Chicago 50,” he tells an incredible story about civil rights told upon the backdrop of a group of segregated young African-American sailors, world war II, the horrific handling of munitions and what is more important -- following orders, mutiny or your life.

By Tim Podell on July 6, 2016


On this broadcast we will be talking about Steve’s latest book, “Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War.” The book, a tour de force that brings Daniel Ellsberg, the Vietnam War, the Pentagon Papers, President Nixon, the security of our nation and not wanting to be the first President that lost an American war in a story that reads like a thriller. And shows that many times truth is stranger than fiction.


On a purely personal level, I thought that “Most Dangerous” was one of the best books I have ever read. And I read a lot! I was just a little too young to know about the history that the book is about when it was happening and a bit embarrassed to say my knowledge on the topics covered were pretty sketchy at best. The way Steve put everything in the book was entertaining, educational, and insightful. It is also amazing that he was able to bring a reporter’s writing style to it and give the readers a story that could very easily have tilted one way or another but was not. And that’s the real power of his storytelling.