Richard Peck

On this podcast we'll be talking with Richard Peck about his latest book “The Mouse With the Question Mark Tail,” how Richard finds his writing voice and about many of the characters he has created over the years.


By Tim Podell on December 9, 2014


On this podcast I am honored to talk with one of biggest names in children’s literature – Richard Peck. Richard has won virtually every award imaginable for his writing, including the Newbery Medal – the Oscar of children’s books --in 2001 for his modern classic “A Year down Yonder.” This, of course, does not take away from his Newbery honor book and National book award finalist “A Long Way From Chicago” or the fact that he was also awarded the Margaret A Edwards’s award for significant and lasting contributions to young adult literature. He writes about a book a year and most recently he has written “The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail,” it is a story rife with whimsical language, mouse-centric descriptions, and really cool dialogue. It's at times poignant and it's always exciting. And from the first page, young readers will be drawn into the mystery.