Bruce Coville

Today we are going to be talking with Bruce Coville. Bruce is a great writer of all things scary, paranormal and funny. Some of his classic books like “My Teacher is an Alien,” “Jennifer Hatcher, Dragon Catcher” and many more are now making the format jump to eBooks. He’s taken up the torch of his best friend, Paula Danzinger, who passed away, by continuing her classic Amber Brown Series.


He now delights audiences with his latest book – “Diary of a Mad Brownie.” No it is not about mad food, but a tiny magical creature that loves to do chores. Bruce sent me a copy and it was a hoot!


By Tim Podell on June 30, 2015


“The Diary of a Mad Brownie” unfolds through Angus's diary (the Brownie), Alex's journal (his host), and many other communiques in the form of letters, text messages, and notes.


School Library Journal said “This is a fresh and fast tale that is sure to elevate the standing of brownies, goblins, and other magical beings”.  Kirkus Reviews said it was a knee slapper and the starred review from Booklist said  "It’s not easy to merge such disparate elements as traditional Scottish lore and modern American life, but Coville brings it off with wit, style, and respect. The first volume of the “Enchanted Files” series is smart, amusing, and a lot of fun.


His book, “My Teacher is an Alien” just celebrated its 25th anniversary, and it was the first time in three years that his Full  Cast audio produced another of its superb series of audio programs.